Workshop+ is a tool consisting a handbook and a website, which enables the elderly guests at Lokaal+ to give workshops to each other, guided by Summa students.


Workshop+ is a tool which enables the elderly guests at Lokaal+ to give workshops to each other, guided by Summa students. The tool consists of a handbook and a website. The handbook is meant to provide help to Summa students in setting up workshops together with the elderly. The website is there to help with the administration and is a way to promote Workshop+. The objective is that one of the two creative sessions per week at Lokaal+ are being replaced with Workshop+. Every week a new subject and workshop host is being organized by Summa students. They are responsible for preparing the workshops together with the workshop hosts and keeping the concept going. That’s where the Handbook provides guidance. To fit into the collective project vision’s focus points the concept prioritizes the following:

• Allow guests to have more input
• Better community feeling at Lokaal+
• Add new study material for the Summa students
• Option to involve students from other disciplines
• Subtle introduction to technology for elderly
• Offer promotion material for Workshop+


The Handbook

The handbook contains the following chapters:

Subjects How to find and choose subjects
Workshop host How to find and choose a workshop host? How to treat this person?
Participants How to gather participants? How to promote Workshop+?
Prepare a workshop How to prepare a workshop together with the workshop host
Website How to use and maintain the website
Evaluation How to ask for feedback? How to process the feedback?
Extramural How to handle workshops outside of Lokaal+?


The Website

The Workshop+ website is split into a front end sections for the Lokaal+ guests and a back-end section for the Summa students. Using the registration number from the handbook, Summa students can log in to the back-end of the Workshop+ website.

The front-end offers the following: up to date information about the next workshop, list of previously given workshops, subscription for the next workshop, and subscription for being a workshop host.

The back-end offers the following: update the website (next workshops for example), find inspiration for subjects (links to tutorials, creative forums), send the newsletter (using a template) and settings (edit personal preferences)



Currently the website is only a proof of concept. You can navigate and see the options, but it not functional. If the concept and thus the website would be realized, it will a database to store the administration safely. Communication with the database would be done with Php in combination with mysql. To allow Summa students to update the website and send the newsletter, a content management system is essential. A good option is CMS Made Simple [7] since it free and easy to use. Because the client was very content at the final exhibition, chances are that our concepts will be realized. To keep Workshop+ running it is important to use the feedback and evaluation that Summa students can aquire during the workshops. This way a long term validation of the concept can be realized.

Lokaal+ will become a WijkLeerBedrijf soon. This concept can also be applied there. A big advantage of a WBL is that instead of only Summa elderly guests, many different people from the neighbourhood can give workshops. This brings even more variety in the workshops. A disadvantage could be that workshops will be full, since the WijkLeerBedrijf wants to work with six different neighbourhoods. The website would need an update. First of all the layout should have influence from Calibris (Company behind WijkLeerBedrijf concept). Second of all, the website will have to be more oriented towards a target group that is wider than just elderly. A modern and better graphic design will fit better.

Handboek V8.indd



If the concept of Workshop+ is going to be continued, first of all a long-term validation of the concept is recommended very much. It needs to have run for a couple of weeks to see whether it is succesful anyway, and if the concept can stay running. Most important is to check on Summa students, whether they have issues in organising workshops, gathering guests, preparing workshops and processing feedback. Below are some points of (possible) improvement:

• Does the handbook provide enough guidance?
• Is the website layout suitable for elderly?
• Do the Summa students need more personal help instead of just the handbook? For example their from their supervisors.
• Workshop+ is done on weekly basis, perhaps more or less frequently is better.