Note+ is a design solution to attract more elderly people to use the service of Lokaal+ with extra mural help for their home on a social level and to create more learning experiences for students to be more actively involved.


Lokaal+ provides a learning environment for students of the Summa College, to get practical experience in the field of health care. They provide a service for elderly to support them in their daily needs. For the students, they need concrete learning opportunities. While the elder need help with housework, shopping, medication etc. However, currently the students working at Lokaal+ don’t have enough learning experiences. Meanwhile, the elderly donʼt know where to get help. They have high threshold to ask for help and feel like burden when accepting help.

From a series of research, I found out that students need different kinds of activities to develop a variety of skills. While elderly prefer personal approach to get information about help. Threshold to ask for help is lowered when help is guaranteed. Knowing that people care about elderly makes them feel less like a burden.



My solution to the existing situation is a improved platform where students can show initative and approach elderly to offer help, to makes them feel less like a burden. It also aims at making the elderly easier to ask for help. In the end, more elderly use the service of Lokaal + extra mural help and more learning experiences for students.


At Lokaal+ we facilitate all kinds of help for your home and on a social level. This device makes it easier to let us know what your needs are.You tell us what kind of help you need, and we call back to confirm. Students have more time for the elderly than professional care workers. Elderly can ask for the same student to help regularly. They share their experiences and issues and students learn how they can help. This can give the elderly the feeling of repaying the favor instead of feeling like a burden. They can form a stronger bond and trust to the student, so the care can be extended to a social level.